Where to Buy a New Yacht

Buying a new yacht is not as easy and straightforward as picking up an item from a grocery store. If you want to purchase a yacht, you need to understand some things, and it might be best for you to get a broker to help you with the deal. From ensuring that you have the right engine type to the perfect sail, the ideal body structure, and even an onshore crew. You want to resell your both, or you want to refurbish it or get a new one, here are some companies that will help you purchase the perfect yacht and help you with the whole process.


Burgess is a company built on a love of yachting. Founded by Nigel Burgess in 1975, Nigel is a well-known sailor and worldwide single-handed racer; he created the company with an obsessive eye for detail that ensures that clients’ needs are satisfied first all the time. The company originated from London in 1975, and they have now branches around the world, with various offices attending to clients in significant locations. Each of their offices is headed by an excellent individual that upholds the belief that quality is determined by the calibre of our team. The company, regarded as one of the best there is. Chief Executive Jonathan Beckett has directed Burgess to be the world’s number one super yacht brokerage house. Given this, they became the first yacht brokerage house ever to be awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for enterprise. They will attend to all your demands and ensure that they help you purchase a yacht that fully meets your specification.


The Luxury Yacht Group provides yacht sales, management, charter and crew placement services. They are highly experienced and well-respected organization which have been producing efficient solutions to their global clients for over 16 years. They have the international team with advanced degrees in engineering, marketing, business, and design as well as onboard yachting experience. Regarded as an elite group with influence in various places worldwide. Benefitting from each other’s expertise they work as a unit to exceed your expectations. They are proud innovators that will go to any length possible to ensure that you get the best yacht and all your descriptions met.


Established in 1995, Yachworld has been connecting yacht brokers with potential buyers from all over the world. With well above 110,000 boat listings, the company has the most significant database of brokerage boats for sale that is offered by over 2900 yacht brokers and manufacturers across the globe. They are the first online business to promote yacht brokers boats to the public via the Internet. Members of the yacht world broker network have easy access to the best of online marketing services. If you are looking to get the best yacht from a broker with lots of experience, they should be one of your best. They strive for customers satisfaction, and they will never recommend a dishonest broker of the manufacturer for you to purchase.

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