Well Advised Boat Clothing Style for a Yacht Party

Boat parties used to be a pleasure only the rich can afford, but as time goes by lots and lots of boat parties are now be thrown by even young middle-class earners. Whether it’s a party holiday in Ibiza, a private cruise offshore or a disco party on the Thames, you can easily be stuck in a boat party this day. There are so many things you can wear to a boat party, but you should take note that the Nautical fashion reigns supreme when it comes to cruising in the sun. Once you get on the boat and into the sea, you cannot change your outfit, so you need always to go prepared. So, if you are looking for how to style for a boat party, this information will guide you through what you need to have.


Stripes clothing comes to mind when you need to get on the boat. If you are going to get striped cloths, you should not that its best to keep it simple. If you are getting striped shirts, its best to get plain shorts. You should not combine striped shorts and shirts; you will look awkward and out of style. For a simple and smart look, you can always get sky blue and white stripes. Vertical stripes can leave you looking slim, so it’s best to go for horizontal stripes are they are classy and clean.

Always ensure to get a striped shirt that is you’re fit; the oversized shirt is a no-no for a boat party. You don’t want to arrive the party looking like a big cow. If you don’t fancy striped shirts, you can always go for striped t-shits. You will always look smart in a striped t-shirt neatly tucked into cool outdoor shorts. Lose the corporate style and leave your shirt’s button undone for a stylish look, you can even wear the shirt open with a plain white or colourful t-shirt. These will keep you from getting chilly on the boat.


If you must wear your suit to a boat party, make sure you lose the tie and blazer. Suit and tie is the last thing you would love to be seen on in a boat party. However, you can turn up wearing a light cotton or linen shirt with a pair of chinos trousers. A light shirt material shirt is a better and comfortable option for a hot sunny day. You should roll up your sleeves for that stylish sailor look; you can spice things undoing a few of your top buttons.  A pair of chinos trousers is fine, but a pair of well-tailored shorts will leave you looking smart.

Casual Outfits

Boat parties are casual gatherings, so you can loosen up a bit and opt for casual t-shirts and a pair of chinos shorts. You can also combine a pair of shorts with a short-sleeved shirt or colourful t-shirt. These will free up your wrist for watches and other fashionable headbands.

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