Top Movies About Sailing and Yachting

There are so many great movies about sailing, and if you are a boating enthusiast then you no doubt want to check out these flicks. Here are top two movies about sailing you need to see next time you hit the cinema!

White Squall

This is a very interesting American disaster survival movie directed by Ridley Scott in 1996. A group of teenagers in a high school and college arranged to undergo training which will take place on a sailing ship, Brigantine, for many months. Their intention was to travel around the world. Just midway, they were threatened by a violent storm. Starring in the movie was Jeff Bridges as Captain of the ship and called ‘skipper’. The role of wife to the captain was played by Caroline Goodall, with a cast of almost a dozen student sailors. The movie is a true-life story of what happened to the ship Brigantine Albatross, which sank into the deep waters on 2 May 1961 and was said to have been caused by a white squall. It portrays the doomed trip students of a school embarked under the supervision of Dr. Christopher B. Sheldon, who was fondly called `skipper’ by the students.

He is depicted as a man of discipline who later got close to Chuck Greg, Frank Beaumont, Gil Martin, and Dean Preston. These were kids with different proud, affluent, troubled and humble backgrounds. On day one, a student on board was almost strangled to death with a rigging which could have been saved by one other student who suffered from acrophobia. However, Sheldon came to the rescue and Gil, the student who couldn’t save his colleague, was given the task of working with the ropes. He was unable to handle the task and was assigned to do some limited job on board.

After some time, the ship reached some shore on an island and the students took their leave. Frank got a surprise visit from his parents while the crew waited. Frank was not happy with the visit because he was not duly notified. He became detached from the crew when his parents asked him to join them at a steak dinner. This invitation was not welcomed, and father and son ended up in a fight. At the end of the festive night, all crew members went on board and set sail the following day. A white squall appeared, and the ship was in danger of capsizing. The boys tried the skills they were taught by Dr. Sheldon to manage the violent white squall.

Deep Water

Produced in 2006 and directed by Rothwell and Louise Osmond, the British documentary Deep Water is a true-life story which portrayed about Donald Crowhurst and the 1969 Sunday Times Golden Globe Race which required a person to sail around the world all alone on a yacht.

The movie came out on 15 December 2006. A reconstruction of the ill-fated Crowhurst’s voyage was made with inclusions from footage and interviews. Many comments were made about the film and it was depicted in The Daily Telegraph as a movie which can break the strongest heart in pieces. New York Times called it a fascinating movie not long after the documentary was released. The movie received an award for the best documentary during the International Film Festival in 2006. Another award went to the movie in the 2007 Australian Film Critics Association.

We are sure you’ll enjoy these classic sailing movies!

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