Top Destinations to Take your Yacht

So, you’ve saved, you’ve researched, you’ve put great time and effort into acquiring the yacht of your dreams and now she is all yours to enjoy. Once you have gotten a handle on your new vessel you will no doubt be looking for the best places to take it. Well the world is your oyster, you can sail the open seas endlessly. Perhaps the options are overwhelming though, there are so many beautiful destinations that you can take your yacht. Here are what we consider to be the top destinations to explore with your gorgeous new boat.

The British Virgin Islands

The views in the British Virgin Islands are unbeatable, they are the best in the Caribbean. The white sand beaches and clear waters are abundant and will hold your gaze for hours at a time. The beaches are clean and well kept, as this is a popular tourist destination. There are also beautiful bays with planting of mooring locations. As well as perfect winds and small seas in the Sir Francis Drake Chanel. Not to mention great restaurants and rum bars are a plenty.

The San Juan Islands, WA

Located in the very north of Washington state, really closer to Canada then to the United States, the San Juan Islands are the ultimate north-west spot for sailing. There are numerous national parks throughout the islands with a trail of anchor destinations. There is gorgeous marine and wild life to be seen, not like you will see elsewhere that makes the San Juan Islands a must sail location. The skies are not sunny and clear year-round, sailing is best in the spring and summer months.

Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

There are many beautiful and scenic bays in Thailand that are fantastic for sailing, Phang Nga Bay, however, is by far one for the best. There are towering rock sculptures that rise majestically out of the water which provide a the most beautiful backdrop for your sailing adventure. Explore hidden caves and discover the history of this 10,000-year-old bay. Stop off at a local spot for some yummy food and cheap beer before heading back to your boat for a night under the stars. If you are able to make your way to Thailand, you simply cannot miss this bay.


The Dalmatian and Kornati coastline covers about 5,835 kilometres and includes over 1000 islands. Almost all of which over anchorages and harbours for your sailing excursion, from isolated and quiet moorings to more modern and well-equipped marinas. There is an abundance of hidden bays, beaches, coves and great diving opportunities all along the coastline. Along with the gorgeous coastline and islands there is a rich history in Croatia, you can explore ruins and monuments.

There are so many amazing locations all around the world that are just perfect for you to explore with your new yacht. Decide what your specific wants are when it comes to a destination, do you want secluded white sand beaches, European history or amazing wildlife. Whatever it may be there is a sailing destination for you.

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