The World’s Three Best Party Yachts

Luxury yachts more than any other worldly possession identify the rich and famous. Moored in fabulous locations all over the world they are then envy of the average man. Also, they are a symbol of freedom, and the way to access any part of the four corners of the Earth. When the rich and famous go shopping for their new yacht there are three leading decisive factors that help them make their decision.

  • Power – how fast the boat can go
  • Brand History – who else has owned the boat
  • Party Potential – is the yacht good enough for famous friends and celebratory guests

The third factor could encompass just about anything, but we have put together a list of three yachts that any super-boat owner would be proud to own.

M/Y Eclipse

This yacht comes out of the prestigious Blohm & Voss boatyard in Hamburg, and to date it is their most outrageous boat yet. It was commissioned by Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich in 2010, with a detail to make him a boat that was the biggest in the world. When launched M/Y Eclipse weighed thirteen thousand tons and was over five hundred and thirty feet long. Not until 2013 was the size eclipsed by Azzam owned by Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. M/Y Eclipse has twenty four guest rooms, two huge swimming pools, and its own nightclub fitted out with a state-of-the-art sound system. All-in-all a complete party boat.


Serene can be chartered for three million pounds a day, and it is one of the most beautiful boats that sails the seven seas today. Built in 2011 it has a signature electric blue hull and an instantly recognizable streamline sail. This boat is designed with partying at the forefront. The impressive Nemo Room is an underwater viewing area that is linked to the rest of the boat via a private lift. Of course, there is the obligatory helicopter pad complete with its own hangar, that can also double as a swimming pool. There is a wet bar, teppanyaki bar, pizza oven all to prepare delightful food for the guests. The center piece of Serene is the aft deck, complete with its own outdoors dance-floor, a bandstand, and two bars.


Dubai is owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and currently is the third largest super-yacht that exists today. The luxurious interior is designed by Platinum Yachts and the brief was to build a boat to hold parties on a momentous scale.

The interiors are adorned with gold-lace and an opulent open glass staircase connects the guest rooms to the rest of the boat. On deck there are numerous swimming pools, plenty of places to sunbathe and even hot tubs. The décor and furnishings on this boat are simply outrageous with money no object. These three super-yachts are without doubts the best party boats on the seas, no expense has been spared to offer the heights of luxury to the guests.

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