The Fastest Yachts in the World

Recently Boat International magazine did a survey on the fastest super-yachts in the world that they were aware of. They unearthed some spectacular boats that were capable of reaching speeds in excess of fifty knots. Of course all these boats are fantastic both in design and price! Some are owned by movie stars and pop singers, others by famous sports personalities. But mostly by wealthy boat lovers who like speed on the water. Here we look at the fastest super-yachts of the bunch.

Black Bullet

This Italian boat was built in 2005, and is the fastest of the Otam 80 series of boats. It was designed by Umberto Tagliavini which explains the sleek lines and the designer looks. Black Bullet is powered by four engines, actually C32 diesel engines which allow the craft to reach fifty eight knots in the water. There is ample room for two crew and six guests, and the handling of the boat is stunning.

Brave Challenger

One of the oldest boats on our list but still one of the fastest. Brave Challenger was built by Vosper in the UK, and was originally called Mercury. She was commissioned by the Greek shipping magnate Stavros Niarchos and remains one of the fastest yachts in the world.

Capable of reaching sixty knots with her triple water jets and twin screws, she has an aluminum superstructure which makes her light through the water. The three gas turbines are supplemented by two conventional engines for low speeds. 


Foners was designed and built in Spain by Izar and is the fastest boat on our list, and she was described by the CEO of Izar as a formula 1 prototype. Her power unit is impressive with three Rolls Royce gas turbines and two MAN engines.

This immense power takes the craft up to seventy knots and it was hardly surprising that is was formerly the Royal Yacht of King Juan Carlos. At normal cruising speed she can travel nearly two thousand nautical miles, but this boat was built for one thing, and that is speed.

World is not Enough

Built by Millenium Super Yachts in the Netherlands, this yacht is the second fastest in the world. Frank Mulder designed this beautiful boat and it is still one of the few boats in the world that can travel over sixty five knots.Her power unit is two Lycoming gas turbines and two Paxman diesel engines which produce an incredible 20,600hp.


This boat isthe most futuristic of all our super-yachts, designed by Wally in Italy and certainly causes a stir when she is on the ocean waves. Part of her futuristic design is so the boat can still maintain fast speeds even in rough seas.

Galeocerdo’s top speed is over sixty five knots and has three Rolls-Royce Kamewa waterjets driven by three Vericor TF50 gas turbines. To cope with the extremely hot temperatures of the engines, the exhaust system is made out of titanium.

These boats are some of the very fastest that have ever been built, and are capable of carving through the water like a knife through butter. But for most just a dream, but it has always been said that it is good to dream occasionally.

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