Five Best Boat Shoes for Men in 2018

Are you new to the world of boat shoes and do not know how the pick the best pair? Come on board as we bring you five boat shoe brands you would love to check out before you make your choice.


Well, this is first on the list because the brand invented boat shoes. They started making boat shoes even before most men shoe styles were invented – just like Apple with smart phones and Microsoft with the personal computer. The company originates from the United States and is the ancestor of all boat shoes we have today. Their strong appeal outshines all other invention. They have the leather, classic, suede and two-lug versions. So, if you are looking to tap for the source of boat shoes – get a pair of Sperry shoes.



This company was ten years late to the boat shoe party. However, the Michigan-based shoe company stands out in quality and craftsmanship. The company since it was inception in 1946 has continued to impress boat shoes lovers with stylish, rugged version of boat shoes. The company released the “Docksides” version, and the shoe grew to become the signature footwear for both crazy sailors and classy Ivy League students. Since then, they have never failed to roll out classy version of boat shoes that have given other brands serious competition. You might want to check them out next time you go on boat shoe shopping.


M&S is one brand that is known all over the world for quality, reliability, and class. Their boat shoes are not only pretty but are strong and reliable. The brand has continually churned out snazzy boat shoes to the delight of their ever-loyal customers. If you are looking for durable, classy and affordable boat shoe options, you can check out their classic soft leather version that features the original cut-out-sole, you will never regret getting that pair of goodness.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

If you are looking to get the classy, all-American boat shoes? Stop by at any Ralph Lauren foot club for a treat. The label has grown to learn the Native American foot style and have perfected their versions of boat shoes. Their designs are smart, simple, soft, durable- whenever you get a Ralph Lauren boat shoe, there are two things you can always be sure of: quality and class.


Topman brand is known for their boat shoes that are stylish and affordable. The brand has lots of styles and collections to its belt. Whether you fancy soft leather boat shoes or the canvas style, you will always find a good buy at from Topman. Topman boat shoes are also very affordable; you don’t need to break the bank for you to get a pair of fashionable boat shoes.

Kurt Geiger

This British shoemaker started off business in the 1960s and since then produced upscale shoes that are loved globally. The brand which also makes their silhouettes brought their original British-American style to the world of boat shoes. Their style is so unique that someone can tell their shoes from afar. If you are looking for something different, then you should check out Kurt Geiger boat shoes.

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