Easy Yacht Maintenance Tips

Regular, easy and basic maintenance of your boat can make all the difference as to the longevity of your new pride and joy. You most likely invested in your boat so that you could relax and enjoy the wide open sea, not so that you would spend weeks on end re-investing time and money into fixing your new toy. Well that best way to ensure that your new ride stays in tip top shape is to do regular and easy maintenance. A few basic weekly, monthly or annual tips and tricks can make all the difference and save you and your bank account a lot of heart ache.

Deck Gear

Every few months, preferable in the warmer spring and summer months take a moment to go through and check through the various deck gear items. A task that will only take a few moments but will pay off enormously later on. Check through the sheaves, winches and the windlass. Ensure that they are all running seamlessly. To be sure you can always consult the manufacturers manual for each item, if you do not have the manual you can more than likely find it on the manufactures website.

Safety Equipment

What should be a no brainer safety equipment is often overlooked or forgotten, something you never touch or even see until you absolutely need, hopefully a day you never see. Be sure to check that the lifejackets are all in place, fire extinguishers are up to date and serviced. As well as the life raft, both life jackets and lift rafts should be serviced every 12 months. In addition to this, you will want to make sure that your first aid kit is up to date and fully stocked, we often dip into them for non-emergency situations, so it is beneficial to update them often.


Do you know the number one reason for lifeboat call outs? Yup, its engine failure. Therefore, it is so important that you regularly check and service your boats engine. If done regularly then you are more likely to catch small problems before they become bigger. It is also a great idea to carry basic spare parts on board, especially for long passages.

Washing and Cleaning

Another basic but oh so necessary step to ensuring the longevity of your investment. Washing your boat after each voyage with help prevent the build-up of corrosive elements. It is best to use fresh water and an environmentally friendly cleaning product to wash of the boat. Waxing and oiling the boat regularly will also assist in protecting the boat, both inside and out. If your boat will be sitting unused for long periods of time either invest in covers or hire someone to clean it regularly.

Boating can be such a relaxing and enjoyable sport, for the both the inexperienced and seasoned sailor, ensuring that your boat is in top condition at all times will allow you to rest and enjoy the open waters that much more.

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