Practical Tips to Care for Your Yacht

Basic, big or small, there is always one thing every automobile needs, maintenance. The best and most important way of taking care of your yacht is to perform regular maintenance on it. By giving it proper preventive care, you are not only keeping... Read more →

New Yachts Coming to the Market Soon

One of the biggest yacht shows in Miami took place in February this year, and yacht aficionados had the opportunity to tour over 1.2 million square-feet of yacht interior. Some of the world’s most lavish were on display. You can read more... Read more →

The World’s Greatest Yachts

There are yachts and then there are mega yachts, not all of us are lucky enough to set foot on a mega yacht let alone even see one. If you are you know that they are a truly extraordinary thing, a thing of beauty and grace. They are designed... Read more →

What to Expect from The Yacht Industry in 2018

The yacht industry is ever changing, while the root of the sector is always the same, providing great boats, great service, and the newest innovations to the yacht buying market there are also small changes that happen each year as the industry... Read more →

Must See Sailing Events This Year

Are you an avid sailor, a true fan of the sport? You don’t just want to sail your own boat around the harbour you want to see the experts at work. If so then you most likely are a fan of races and sailing events as well. A spectacle to see,... Read more →

Top Destinations to Take your Yacht

So, you’ve saved, you’ve researched, you’ve put great time and effort into acquiring the yacht of your dreams and now she is all yours to enjoy. Once you have gotten a handle on your new vessel you will no doubt be looking for the... Read more →

Easy Yacht Maintenance Tips

Regular, easy and basic maintenance of your boat can make all the difference as to the longevity of your new pride and joy. You most likely invested in your boat so that you could relax and enjoy the wide open sea, not so that you would spend... Read more →