Best Engines for a Yacht

An engine is what gives life to any motor yacht and it makes the vessel able to move on top of the water. If you are new to yachting, there are many important things about yacht engines you should look into before you make your choice.

Engine Sizes

Size is an important factor when considering the engine to use for your yacht. Of course, you cannot use an engine for a 40 ft vessel on a 40m; the two are not of the same size, power, weight or complexity. It is true that yacht engines are technical, but there are some complexities in super yacht engines. You find a lot of other systems apart from the usual engine such as the sewage plant, air-conditioning, generators and auxiliary equipment. Obviously, the major difference between an ordinary yacht and a super yacht is the size of the engine and the complexities and efficiency involved.

Engine Types

Yacht engines are of many types which can be as small as six cylinders to as high as sixteen cylinders. There are many brands like the MAN, MTU, Cummins, Deutz, Cat, and Baudoin brands. MTU and Cat are popular and commonly used in yachts between 80 ft to 80 m long. For fuel efficiency, diesel-powered engines are most preferable. With the improvement in technology and refining of diesel, yacht engines can run faster with low fuel consumption. However, the future still holds a threat to the use of diesel. The Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) is emerging as the most efficient source of energy for the future.

Engine Efficiency

To keep your yacht engine running smoothly, it is recommended you use your engine’s full power to about 80%. Follow all maintenance instructions, especially those from professional service engine providers. You can go online to search further for information that will help you take care of the engine life of your yacht or super yacht.

Engine Room

There has been a shift in the nature of yacht engine rooms over the years. Those dark rooms of the past have been replaced by bright and beautifully designed rooms. It has become a habit to take tourists and guests around to see the attractive engine rooms on super yachts.

However, the size of the engine room may differ from yacht to yacht, based on the size of the yacht and its complex nature of the engine. Even a new crew can be overwhelmed by the beauty of an engine at first encounter. Therefore, the best thing is to go around and get acquainted with the engine and engine room. Get to know how the pipes are arranged and the different substances they carry in or out of the engine. Some pipes convey fuel, and others ballast lines or fresh water.

If anything is not clear, contact the manufacturer and get some advice. There is no room to be afraid or embarrassed to ask; knowing your yacht engine is as important as controlling it. For more information on engine room layout, you visit YouTube and learn more.

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