Italy Causes Trouble at America's Cup

Italy Causes Trouble at America’s Cup

Italy Causes Trouble at America’s Cup The challenger final for America’s Cup is defeated. But first of all, there were a lot of troubles. The team from Italy was responsible for this as they caused a stir. Critics accused the... Read more →
The Most Expensive Yachts in the World

The Most Expensive Yachts in the World

Excessive wealth, luxury, yachts… all seem pretty synonymous. And just like there is a competition regarding who can sail best or whose yacht has the most unique name, there is also a different approach to yachts, and that is how expensive... Read more →

The Complete Checklist Before You Set Sail

Going sailing is many people’s idea of a great pastime, and literally millions of avid sailors partake in their passion every day. But passion for getting out on the water should also be tempered with safety, messing around in a boat but... Read more →

How to Behave on Yachts

As sailors all know there is an etiquette on board a vessel, this is mainly for safety reasons but has been gathered over centuries of naval traditions. Part of the difficulty that the non-sailing fraternity have with learning this etiquette... Read more →

The World’s Three Best Party Yachts

Luxury yachts more than any other worldly possession identify the rich and famous. Moored in fabulous locations all over the world they are then envy of the average man. Also, they are a symbol of freedom, and the way to access any part of... Read more →

The Fastest Yachts in the World

Recently Boat International magazine did a survey on the fastest super-yachts in the world that they were aware of. They unearthed some spectacular boats that were capable of reaching speeds in excess of fifty knots. Of course all these boats are... Read more →

Top Movies About Sailing and Yachting

There are so many great movies about sailing, and if you are a boating enthusiast then you no doubt want to check out these flicks. Here are top two movies about sailing you need to see next time you hit the cinema! White Squall This is a very... Read more →

The Difference Between a Speedboat and a Sailboat

People love to go sailing, the idea of being out on the open water enjoying the weather and soaking in the sun. Perhaps you love to go fishing as well and want to take a shot at getting a few catches in. There are so many great places to sailing... Read more →

Safety Tips While Sailing

If you want to get the best sailing on a boat, you need to know that there many activities that go with it. You also need safety gear and equipment to be on the safer side while you enjoy what you love doing – sailing. Also, be safe and informed... Read more →

Best Engines for a Yacht

An engine is what gives life to any motor yacht and it makes the vessel able to move on top of the water. If you are new to yachting, there are many important things about yacht engines you should look into before you make your choice. Engine... Read more →
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